8 May 2011

Swimsuit season

Left; Catch and kill (nelly.com), vitamin A (nelly.com)
Middle (swimsuit): Asos
Right: Both from H&M

Jagten på badetøj er for alvor gået i gang, og jeg synes der er så meget fint i butikkerne nu, man burde næsten overveje at købe to:p 

Jeg er vild med mønstre og farver på badetøj, og den rustfarvede badedragt i midten ville både være fin på stranden og som en festlig top!

The hunt of the perfect swimwear this season has started, and there are so many nice things in stores right now! I am thinking about buying two this year, but have not decided yet (:

I am in love with colors and patterns on swimwaer, and i think that the swimsuit on the picture can be used both as a swimsuit and a festive top.

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