6 Jul 2011

Black summer

 Kimono: Vintage, Dress: Forever 21, Shoes: Hasbeens for H&M, Ring: Ebay, Earrings: Vintage

Dagens outfit, hvor jeg for første gang fik brugt den sorte halvgennemsigtige sag (som jeg ikke lige ved hvad jeg skal kalde). Jeg er lidt i tvivl om jeg skal lave et DIY-projekt med den, og klippe den kortere, hvad siger i til det? Ville jeg ødelægge den, og gøre den mindre unik? Jeg sætter stor pris på jeres ærlige mening (:

Todays outfit. The first time I wear this black kimono (or what ever it is?) I am thinking about a DIY-project, to make it shorter? would it be fabulous or would I ruin it?

7 kommentarer:

  1. Er vild med det hele!! :-) Hvor er det godt sat sammen.


  2. Det er jeg glad for at du synes, mange tak! (:

  3. Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comment xx

  4. this looks great, i love the ring !

  5. In my opinion you shouldn't cut this to be honest it looks fantastic as it is! In fact I want it! just by adding this item to your look made it a lot more interesting and edgy! I think you look wonderful. x

  6. Thanks Victoria, I haven't cut it yet.. and I think you are right, it is an item that stands out, and I want those items. The day I wore it, I was just in doubt if I were looking to much like a hooker :p

    Well, my conclusion must anyways be not to cut it! I really like it as it is, and maybe I just felt like a hooker, because I were wearing a short dress with it.. and because everyone in Vejle all looks the same.. But that is not what I wanna be a part of! (there is nothing wrong with that - at all, but I like standing out from the crowd)

    (that was a whole lot, I guess I just had a lot on my mind)


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